Hardwood Flooring Maintenance

Before you begin, please note: CAUTION!

Do not put tape directly onto a finished floor! When tape is pulled up, it could pull the finish with it.

Note: When covering a floor with paper, cardboard, etc., overlap the covering and tape it together, i.e. paper to paper, cardboard to cardboard, paper to cardboard.

The dusting and cleaning products recommended in this form have been thoroughly researched and tested by Williams Flooring. We strongly encourage you to use only these products in caring for your floors. If other products are used, we cannot guarantee their compatibility with the finish, which could cause a problem with bonding in the “recoating” process (i.e., the finish could “peel”).


It’s very important to allow the finish ample time to cure (harden) before using the floor. Here are three simple rules to follow:

  • Allow 24 hours before walking in stocking feet only
  • Allow 72 hours before putting furniture (with floor protectors installed) onto floor
  • Allow 7 days before putting rugs down and returning to normal shoe traffic