Jim Leslie

James D. Leslie
Jim has been the owner of Williams Hardwood Flooring since 1978 and believes in and has written the following philosophy for his company: “An employee’s commitment to perform duties to the best of his or her ability is security for the company. The company’s commitment to achieve and maintain leadership in their respective industry is security for the employee.”

Paula Jones, 2024

Paula K Chapman-Jones
Vice President

Paula has been a part of the Williams team since 1998.  Originally hired as a bookkeeper she quickly grew a passion for the company’s philosophy, people, and customers. By 2007 she was appointed as Vice President and has been instrumental in growing the business to the successes enjoyed today.


Tony Policicchio
Residential Sales/Remodel/New Construction

Tony Policicchio, 2024

Jack Leslie

Sports Floor/Commercial Sales

Jack Leslie, 2024

Jim Leslie
Residential/Commercial/Sports Floor Sales

Jim Leslie 2024

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