Athletic Floor Maintenance

We have a complete line of products for your athletic floor. Our special formulated color coded products and procedures makes it easy to maintain your athletic floor.

Williams has addressed the #1 problem in gym floor maintenance. Simply put – we have developed an easy to understand system for gym floor maintenance. Custodial staff, coaches, volunteers and students will no longer be able to use the excuse

“I didn’t know how or I didn’t understand”.

Our easy to read color coded poster is a constant reminder of how to care for your athletic floors. Our products and labels are color coded and coincide with our easy to read and understand poster.

With our special formulated proven color coded products and procedures, you can now rest assured that directions on the care and maintenance of your athletic floor can be properly followed, by ANYONE.

Williams’ procedure and system is easy to understand and will keep your floors looking their best for years to come. The Williams system will keep your floors clean to provide the sound of squeaky shoes and home court wins, while reducing your total maintenance costs.

Look to Williams for proper maintenance and procedures. We recommend a startup kit of our products. It would be enough for an average 6000 square foot athletic floor. It contains 16 gallons of Williams Dustclean, 4 gallons of Williams Neutralclean and 4 gallons of Williams Spotclean.

All of our products are colored coded for ease of use.